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We specialise in supplying our high-quality free-range eggs


Unlike many other companies, all the eggs we pack are from our own ‘happy’ hens and are 100% free-range. Every egg is printed on the farm with our free-range producer IDs, 1UK19478 or 1UK17593, making them fully traceable. Only the freshest eggs are supplied; our eggs are laid one day and delivered the next.


We are audited by lion code, RSPCA, Defra and the Environment Agency, ensuring best practice and accountability. Though we are a lion-registered packer (with 6 monthly audits taking place on our farm), you will not see the British Lion stamp on our eggs due to the additional cost. However, if you wish to see certification of this, we would be more than happy to send you our up-to-date certificates.

Caring about the egg details

As a company we always strive to give the best quality service and egg. We are always looking at ways to improve our systems, structure and quality checks to insure we are giving our customers the best product possible. Find out more about our egg qualities below.

Our Egg Qualities...

Free Range

We only sell Free-Range eggs, allowing our hens to experience the wonders of the outdoors. No caged hens here!

Delivered Fresh

Our eggs are always delivered fresh with our hens laying one day and delivering the next day service. Check our best-before dates for proof!

Reliable, Friendly Service

We provide a family friendly reliable service, delivering every week without a doubt with smiles on our faces.

Local Service

We support local in every way that we can, from selling to purchasing. We understand the importance of supporting our neighbours. We are a local business, catered to support other local businesses.

Egg-ceptional Value

We pride ourselves on keeping our costs down and beating supermarket prices in quality and price.

High welfare standards

We always strive for high welfare standards across our farm, our hen welfare and our staffing. We regularly check for salmonella and other diseases.

Country Flavours Egg Cartons

Country Flavours Egg Cartons

Our newly designed egg boxes in medium, large and extra large, a fresh update for the freshest eggs in the market. Designed by the daughter of the business, Grace Hancorn.

Country Flavours Herefordshire Local Egg Delivery

Country Flavours Egg Boxes

Our newly designed egg-carrying boxes to carry door to door to our customers with a friendly smile on our face, you can't miss us now!


Our Free Range eggs are supplied in ½ dozen cartons to retail outlets and are available in Medium, Large and Extra Large sizes.

Free-range eggs are also available for catering purposes on 2 ½ dozen trays in Medium and Large sizes.





xtra large

Happerly transparent
RSPCA assured
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