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These are some of the many benefits of choosing our eggs-

  • Our eggs are always delivered fresh- check our best before dates

  • We provide egg-ceptional value!- much cheaper than the supermarkets

  • We only supply free range- none of our hens are kept in cages

  • We are a RSPCA registered egg packing station

  • All of our eggs come from our own farms

  • We regularly check for salmonella

  • We provide a reliable, friendly service

  • Flavours of Hereford award winner

  • We are a local business, catering for other local businesses!

Country Flavours Egg Cartons

Country Flavours Egg Cartons

Our newly designed egg boxes in medium, large and extra large, a fresh update for the freshest eggs in the market. Designed by the daughter of the business, Grace Hancorn.

Country Flavours Egg Boxes

Country Flavours Egg Boxes

Our newly designed egg-carrying boxes to carry door to door to our customers with a friendly smile on our face, you can't miss us now!


Our Free Range eggs are supplied in ½ dozen cartons to retail outlets and are available in Medium, Large and Extra Large sizes.

Free-range eggs are also available for catering purposes on 2 ½ dozen trays in Medium and Large sizes.

Country Flavours Eggs
Happerly transparent
RSPCA assured
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